Potion Bar

24 March 2010

Game Genre :

Some Briefing of the game :
Sell a potion - save the world! Plunge into the captivating world of magic! Make delicious potions with Rainbow spray and Vampire fangs and serve them to fantastic clients. Decorate glasses with wild lotuses and Phoenix feathers. Witness your amazing potions endow incredible power, reverse aging and help get to the secrets of the Universe. Travel world and space, see prophetic dreams, solve the enigmatic mystery and protect the Tree of Life!

My Comment :
The game have very nice graphic and adventure. Not to hard and not to easy too. A lot of character appear in this game where they will tell you some hint where you need to find the person involve in this game. Try it and explore the wonderful graphic of this game.

Rating given :
4/5 stars.

The Screenshot :

To download this game, please click HERE.

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