Alice's Tea Cup Madness

25 March 2010

Game Genre :
Action / Sim

Some Briefing about the Game :
Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole! After landing in a nonsensical yet familiar world of wonder, she must earn her ticket home by prepping and serving tea to whimsical characters in various tea shops across the land. To succeed she must please impatient patrons like The Hatter and keep the crazy Cheshire Cat from disrupting her customers and stealing their orders. Will Alice keep her customers happy and earn enough tips to get home?

My Comment :
Haven't play this game yet but my friend already test it. The game will test your accuracy and speed in serving customers their drink [If I'm not mistaken]. Nice graphic to play and try to win it. :)

Ranking Given :
[Can't rank it coz never played it but my friend rank it as 3.5 / 5 stars]

The Screenshot :

To download this game, please click HERE.

Credits To :
Reflexive games



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