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16 March 2010

As I promise, I wanted to teach you guys to use Hj Spilt. Some of you guys already knows how tou use this software and that's great but it's no harm done for me to teach you guys again how to use it. So let's get started :

The steps to use it :

1. Open up HjSplit.exe and click "Join"

2. This is the interface after you click "Join"

3. Browse for the file to join.

4. The interface you will see when you're browsing. Find for the file you want to join. As for me, I choose "PA.rmvb.001"

5. The status in the light blue box showing that it's joining the file.

6. The status shown as ready meaning that your file have been joined. Click the close button and find for the file at the path that the output file shows.

7. DONE! You can see the video "PA" have been joined and can be watch already.
It's as easy as you can think right? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me through the comment since I did not put the shoutbox yet. Hope you guys like it.
To download HjSplit, click here.


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