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15 March 2010

Last time when I tried to download things normally or people used to say "manually", it takes me ages to have the files i've downloaded or eventually the download will be canceled due to "time run-out on server". It really makes me mad and also sad for not having my files that i've waited for almost two to three hours for the process. But then I found this software that accelerate my download faster. 200Mb? 100Mb? It can be fast depending on you internet speed. Since I'm happy by using this software, so I'm gonna share it with you guys so you will not have to wait like a crazy freak in front of your computer. Below I will show you how use the software [Internet Download Manager] :

1. Choose your files that you want to download from any site.
2. Then go to the page where the file is ready to be downloaded. Example below :

(Right Click and search for Download with IDM)

(Click Start Download)

(The progress of the file downloaded)

(All downloaded progress with be shown here)

That is basically how to use Internet Download Manager or IDM. Hope I help you guys so far. Anything, just give me a comment and i'll reply as soon as possible. Enjoy~

To download Internet Download Manager (IDM), Click here.


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