Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

25 March 2010

Game Genre :
Action / Sim

Some Briefing of the Game :
Help Fiona win 'The Finest Flowers' garden beauty contest! Plant flowers in beautiful gardens in various locations. Cross breed flowers to discover 50 beautiful new species! Sell flowers then buy fruit trees and process your harvest using machines. Optionally accept orders and deliver goods before the timer expires, for fast income. Use Fiona's special skills to make growing flowers, selling goods and completing orders a breeze!

My Comment :
The game is really nice where you can mix the flowers to gain a new type of flower. In this game you need to be fast to take care of the flowers and other things available. You might wanna test your skill in playing this game.

Rating Given :
4 / 5 stars.

The Screenshot :

To download this game, please click HERE.

Credits to :
Reflexive games.



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