Oh Just A Reminder! [For the games downloaded]

25 March 2010

Hey again,

This is just a notice telling you guys about the game I've shared with you guys. It is already cracked and can be played anytime. You don't have to install it or anything. When you have finish playing you can direct delete the folder i've shared with you guys. Just click on the application that says, *.Unwrapped to play. I will show you how.

How to extract the files and direct playing :

[1] First, you need to Extract the files after finish downloading. Look at the picture below :

[2] Click OK to extract the file. You can also choose you directory where to extract the file. The illustrated picture is shown below.

[3] After finish extracting, open the folder and click the application that have the "Unwrapped" at the end of the name. See picture below to get a clearer view.

[4] After clicking the application, you can direct play the game without any time limit or anything.

That's all you need to do if you want to play the games I've shared!



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