Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

25 March 2010

Game Genre :
Puzzle / Seek and Find

Some Briefing About the Game :
You are Gaby, an amateur celebrity blogger, desperate to ditch her dead-end job for the exciting world of celebrity gossip. You will uncover Hollywood's dirty secrets by tracking celebrities' whereabouts, following leads from anonymous informants and solving puzzles. You'll reveal the scandalous details on your blog in your quest to become the most famous celebrity blogger in Hollywood!

My Comment :
Wow! I really like this game. This is game is so much different from other seek and find games. This game you need to find people that Gaby needs. Rather than find tools or other things, this game offers you all to find person involve in her celebrity blogger. Hope you guys will try it. :)

Ratings Given :
5 / 5 stars.

The Screenshot :

To download, please click the link BELOW :

Credits To :
Reflexive games.



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